Contacting Us
While we encourage you to use whatever means work best and most conveniently for you, the fastest and most efficient way to contact us is through E-mail, telephone or voice mail. We are usually able to respond within twenty-four (24) hours or less. A vCard with our contact information is provided for your convenience: vCard John Skelton

If use of E-mail is not possible, then please advise us and we will discuss alternative arrangements with you.

Submitting Briefs and Documents
To assure prompt receipt when sending briefs and related documents, please send these as Adobe Acrobat PDF files, attached to an E-mail message addressed to All other messages, with or without attachments, can be sent to Generally, use of U.S. Mail, FedEx or similar services to communicate with us results in delay.

All briefs and related materials should be received not later than ten (10) calendar days before mediation to allow sufficient time for review.