About Litigation Solutions Law Group
Litigation (or the threat of it) creates uncertainty. The more that’s at stake, the greater that uncertainty:  What will happen? What are the risks? How much will it cost? What will it mean for the future? Will it jeopardize important personal or business plans, such as education and retirement goals, an impending round of financing, a new product introduction, or an acquisition or merger? When will it end?

Litigation Solutions Law Group exists for one reason: to minimize that uncertainty by providing timely, cost-effective solutions to real-world client problems. To do this we provide a full range of alternative dispute resolution services: arbitration, mediation, special master, neutral fact-finding, and independent settlement evaluation and advice.

Of these, we emphasize mediation because we believe it provides one of the most effective means of dispute resolution for parties who are truly interested in resolving their differences. We do this using a process we call

About Mediation+Plus
Mediation+Plus is intended to provide an effective, highly focused process for resolving disputes at reasonable cost in an environment of strict impartiality. The process is designed to help the parties to a dispute manage and resolve the risk their dispute presents, in a manner acceptable to them, without resort to the expense and delay of the traditional court process.

Traditional mediation often has the mediator acting simply as an uninvolved conduit, passing information, and offers and demands between the parties to a dispute. Mediation+Plus refers to our active approach to the mediation process, designed to engage the parties in a systematic analysis to “peel back” their dispute to its essential core; focus the parties on what’s important to them; and help them clearly identify the obstacles to resolution and possible solutions as clearly as possible, as soon as possible.

This exercise in clarity may not always be easy, but it is the most effective way for the parties to avoid unnecessary expenditures of time, money and emotion. This is the key to the Mediation+Plus approach, and for lawyers and their clients interested in settlement it is the most productive form of alternative dispute resolution.